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Where ladies and their babies come to feel better.

Welcome and Announcements

Thank you so much for visiting the website for Spring Green Family Acupuncture. I apologize for any inconvenience, but we are not accepting new clients at this time. We are in the process of moving up to Glenwood City, WI. The name of our practice will be changing to St. Croix Family Acupuncture, and we anticipate opening sometime in the spring. If you are ever in the area, please come visit! 

Specializing in Women's Health, Pediatrics, and Pain

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Women's Health

Treating issues with Fertility, Pregnancy, Menstrual Cycles, and Menopause

Feedback from our Ladies and their Babies

I have had this constant headache in the front of my head for...years, forever. I didn't think anything would help it, and I just had to get used to it. However, I came to see Jessica for back pain, and she said we could try to work on my headache too. Not only did she help my back pain that I came to see her for, but she also finally fixed this headache! It's almost weird not to have it there but so glad it's finally gone!

I came to see Jessica to try to get pregnant after trying for 2 years without any success. This was a last ditch effort before trying IVF. You can imagine how excited I was to find out I was pregnant after working with Jessica for just 3 treatments! I now have a sweet little boy and am so grateful I tried acupuncture to get pregnant.



I came to see Jessica because I had heard acupuncture can help get your body ready to have a baby. My first baby's delivery was long and hard lasting over 24 hours. I was willing to try anything to make my next one better. I saw her every week for the last month of my pregnancy and my delivery was so fast and, dare I say- easy, compared to my first. It lasted 6 hours in total with only 2 hours of hard labor. When my midwife told me, you're going to be getting ready to push soon, I thought, "No way. I labor way longer than this." But she was right. I will definitely be coming in to see Jessica if I get pregnant again!

I thought hot flashes and night sweats would end with menopause, but mine have continued for more than 20 years. Several doctors prescribed lots of different medications over the years. There were always side effects and never any lessening of my symptoms. When I told Jessica I had accepted this was something I had to live with, she said, “Not if I have anything to say about it!” After the acupuncture treatment, she told me I could anticipate a lessening in frequency, intensity and duration, and that’s exactly what I experienced. Some nights, I don’t have a single night sweat. Other nights, I might have one but it’s over so quickly that I can easily fall back asleep. If you’ve experienced night sweats, you know what a blessing…and a relief…this is!



I’ve had several opportunities to work with Jessica. She is genuine and truly vested in helping her patients experience optimal, vibrant health, from wherever they’re starting. She has a wide range of tools and skills to bring to the table - ranging from acupuncture to massage and cupping and cranial sacral work - plus she’s trained in both Eastern and Western healing. Her mind and caring personality make the whole experience a pleasure.


I called up Jessica to see if she could help me after a terrible accident I had last year. At the first appointment. I was impressed with how much time Jessica took to get to know me and to learn about all the damage I had to my body. Each subsequent appointment was similar, in that Jessica was very thoughtful in her approach to me and in planning what to do with me in that and in the future appointments.


Jessica is a magic maker ✨ I started seeing her about two months ago for infertility treatments. Her knowledge and skills have made such a big change in my life in such a short time. I feel like a completely different woman. Thank you Jessica for being apart of our journey to our rainbow baby ♥️


My husband has suffered most of his life with extremely tight muscles in his body, he is now 54 years old. Noone has been able to help him. Jessica with different types of treatments, has given him relief already after 2 appointments. She will continue seeing him and adding some supplements for him. It's so nice to have a health professional truly care about helping you heal your body! Thank you Jessica!!


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